About International Affairs

International Affairs section in brief

The International Affairs Section of the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has been established to coordinate TDRA international contributions and participations, within its role in achieving the vision of TDRA to strengthen the country's global leadership in the field of ICT, in addition to enhancing the UAE’s international presence.

IA main tasks:

  • Enhancing the UAE and TRA’s leading position in international forums
  • Coordinating and cooperating with relevant strategic partners inside and outside the country
  • Following-up on the activities of specialized international organizations, on regular basis
  • Researching and studying relevant memorandums of understanding with the relevant companies
  • Achieving senior managerial positions in the relevant specialized international organizations

Our activities:

On national level

  • Capacity Building programs and qualify international leaders
  • Sharing expertise and contribute in making change in the ICT locally and internationally
  • Provide seamless experience for users using the latest technologies
  • Enhance the UAE visibility locally and internationally
  • Introduce best practices in ICT to local government entities

On international Level

  • Enhance the engagement with countries and international organization
  • Facilitate the knowledge sharing between UAE and countries
  • Support and earn the support of partners and countries through the parallel views