Press Release

TRA Showcases 10 Innovative Projects at GITEX Technology Week

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is participating in the 39th GITEX Technology Week, which will start on Sunday with wide local and international participation. TRA will participate under the UAE mGovernment umbrella, which hosts 18 federal government entities, showcasing their most important achievements in harnessing modern technologies to facilitate the provision of government services, achieve customer happiness, and enhance the principle of one government and excellent technology services.

During its participation, TRA will showcase 10 innovative projects, representing a new set of contributions by TRA to enhance the smart lifestyle in the UAE, support the transition to a future of artificial intelligence and smart city, and develop a mechanism to deal with modern technologies to serve humanity, through identifying technical solutions to our daily life needs.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General, emphasized on the importance of this participation, he said: “The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has left its mark in GITEX in previous years, which reflects its commitment to drive smart transformation and enhance the digital lifestyle in the country. This is our aim at the current session of the exhibition in which TRA showcases 10 innovative projects. GITEX Technology Week is a creative forum for all entities to present ideas, projects, agreements and partnerships."

TRA will present its innovative projects to the public, the most important of which is the “Vault” – the digital wallet of the UAE Pass Project, and its importance in facilitating the use of services such as opening a bank account. Additionally, TRA will showcase the Smart Building, a smart building technology that includes the Internet of Things (IoT) and ChatBot to demonstrate the efficiency of this technology in an office environment.

TRA will showcase interactive initiatives with the public, such as the Smart Badminton Challenge and the Cyber security ping pong challenge, which allow the public to experience artificial intelligence by facing a mobile robot in a badminton match against a computer or individuals while learning Internet security through digital table tennis.

The ICT Fund will present its funded projects, which represent an investment in building future competencies, as well as how the Fund plays a major role in investing in ICT projects in the sea, land, air and space. The Incubation holds three projects from the “Seeds of the Future” initiative, allowing visitors to virtually invest in them, as well as a holographic activation of a space suit, the first ever Emirati space food, and future technologies such as autonomous drones and farming robots.

Moreover, introducing four telecommunications services, TRA has designed “Always Connected”, which will take the visitor on a journey through the story of Ahmed, who arrives in Dubai and is experimenting with four telecommunications services. Services include purchasing a mobile phone using the wireless equipment advisor service, subscribing to the most suitable data bundle using the data bundle comparison service, finding the hotel with best coverage (ICT rating) and finally experiencing the ease of caller ID through Kashif.

TRA has unveiled at GITEX last year that “Fazaa”, the Smart Emergency Response initiative, will be showcased at GITEX 2019. It will allow visitors to simulate driving through a crowded city and face an accident, which will help explain TRA's e-communication service and how Fazaa service connects with all concerned entities when an accident occurs.

TRA has chosen innovative projects of an exciting nature to inspire visitors, such as taking them on a journey to solve a puzzle by scanning the QR code that moves them through various interactions to complete the parts of the puzzle and reach the gift machine. In addition, visitors can visit the Future Cafe project where they can enjoy pancakes made by Chef Mouza and taste coffee provided by the smart robot.

It is worth mentioning that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is keen on adopting the most important projects in the field of modern technologies in its stand at GITEX Technology Week.