National Projects

“Our national priorities remain unchanged”

H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


In line with the “UAE’s Vision 2021” aim to achieve a high life quality in a sustainable environment for the future generations, the ICT Fund seeks to provide support for the initiatives and national entrepreneurial projects relevant to the ICT sector. By funding and promoting the national projects, the Fund contributes to supporting the government strategic plans in building national competencies, achieving knowledge economy and sustainable development that will enhance the UAE’s global standing.

Among the key funded projects projects in this field include but not limited to:


Ankabut, the UAE’s National Research and Education Network (NREN), was launched in 2006. Ankabut offers academic institutions connectivity to other education networks around the world. In addition to connecting universities, it can connect schools and public institutions together across the UAE with an effective cost model. Ankabut also co-operates on a national, GCC, regional and international arena representing the UAE in conferences, exhibitions and forums. The network aims to offer QoS based networks with IPv4/IPv6, multicast and introduce advanced services on a “Closed Group Network” with “Public Interest Purposes.” In addition Ankabut offers the following benefits:

  • Facilitating effective collaboration between students and professors, and openness to global research communitiesInnovation – the development of projects in the UAE that offer new products and services
  • Economic Benefits – Ankabut is an economically feasible project.
  • Effective Research – offering academic institutions connectivity to other education networks around the world.
  • Interactive Learning – providing an innovative way to access knowledge resources.

Objectives of Ankabut are as follows:

  • Connecting academia to advance IP networking
  • Establish a forum to discuss collaboration
  • Encourage collaborative research within the UAE
  • Provide a mechanism to share lectures
  • Encourage inter-library access
  • Increase collaboration with international universities
  • Connect international institutions to home networks

Investment Type: National ICT Project

Investment Size: 61M AED

Investment Date: 2008 – 2013


World Government Summit

The World Government Summit is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of governments worldwide. Each year, the Summit sets the agenda for the next generation of governments with a focus on how they can harness innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity.

The World Government Summit is a knowledge exchange forum at the intersection of government, technology, and innovation. It also functions as a thought leadership platform and networking hub for policymakers, business and civil society in human development.

The Summit is a gateway to the future through providing the stage for analysis of future trends, concerns, and opportunities facing humanity. It is also an arena to showcase innovations, best practices, and smart solutions to inspire creativity to tackle these future challenges.


UAE Drones for Good Award

Supporting this Award is part of the ICT Fund’s commitment to search for owners of creative and innovative ideas among the citizens of our country, and provide them with the required support and care to be able to transform these ideas into practical projects and solutions that enhance the process of sustainable development in the UAE.

This event provides a platform for drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, allowing them to compete and share experiences on how to use modern technologies for the best of humanity.


Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Programme

Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program is a joint venture between the Ministry of Education and the UAE Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority in cooperation with the UAE Prime Minister's office. The initiative aims to create a solid and integrated e-learning platform that actively involves teachers, students as well as parents to enhance the learning experience.

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Among the projects supported by the ICT Fund also:

  • The project of 200 Patents registration, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy.
  • FedNet
  • mGovernment
  • Projects related to Arabic Digital Content
  • The Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC)
  • The UAE Astronaut Programme  with Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre
  • Mars 2117 project
  • WorldSkills Abu Dhabi Competition
  • Sponsoring RSA Conference 2017

Arabic Digital Content

Digital Arabic content is defined as any Arabic material displayed in digital format on the web, including websites, blogs, e-services, as well as audio and video. Arabic digital content is also called software, databases, and Arabic language support tools such as: software interfaces, word processing programs, localization programs, voice recognition software, search engines and translation sites.

Due to the low percentage of Arab content on the internet compared to the increase in the number of Arab users, ICT Fund has funded technology projects that contributed to enriching the Arabic language in the digital world in order to emphasize the existence of Arabic language among the international languages. The Fund cooperated for this matter with developers and specialists in this field from institutions and individuals.

This initiative objectives are:

  • Cooperation with developers and those interested in the field of Arabic language from institutions and individuals to build a digital reference base on the web for future generations
  • Supporting the Arabic language by organizing awareness campaigns through the media
  • Encourage Arab minds to write, blog and publish online
  • Support converting websites to Arabic
  • Arabization and development of applications and programs
  • Dissemination of school curriculum on the Internet
  • Development of Arabic Fonts
  • Localization of game applications for children