The most innovative and creative ideas need care and support to reach the stage of implementation and launch. Providing the right business expertise allows the innovator to focus on products and services. The development of the prototype is the last step before the start-up stage where the innovator can turn his ideas into a marketable product. The Fund therefore provides financial support for the incubation phase of the project. The development of any UAE-made product or service is the prerequisite for funding.

Among the key funded projects in this field include but not limited to:

Seeds for the Future” Program

The “Seeds for the future” Project is a learning and training initiative that provides students with a competitive platform to bring their innovative ICT ideas and projects to the forefront and allow them to transform their ideas into effective products and tangible realities through support from program partners.

The “Seeds for the Future” Program stimulates the students’ innovative thinking and creates a competitive platform for them to launch their creations on a variety of topics including science and innovation in transport, education, cyber security, smart cities, health care, infrastructure and space.

This competition aims to develop national competencies by transferring various aspects of the knowledge and experience of the ICT industry to them, within the context of a focused training program, where students work on a variety of advanced and effective projects that help the community to overcome some of the challenges we face nowadays.