“Investing in tomorrow’s leaders through educational funding and scholarships”

The ICT Fund seeks to strengthen the technological education of Emiratis at school, undergraduate and graduate levels, wishing to study ICT related subjects by funding research and development centers in partnership with universities and research organizations as well as individual research projects in various universities. The ICT Fund also encourages academic research proposals from professor and student teams. By joining forces with the Ministry of Education the ICT Fund offers funding to build ICT labs and centers in various schools across the UAE, with the aim of introducing students in the primary and secondary education to the ICT sector and its various applications. The ICT Fund awards scholarships to distinguished students to help develop a generation well versed in science and technology, who can lead the UAE’s future ICT industry.

Among the key funded projects in this field include but not limited to:

Betha Program

ICT fund has launched its initiative Betha (Arabic for Scholarship) to enhance the stature and role of the national education sector through supporting and sponsoring scientifically distinguished students to boost the education process in the UAE in all scientific majors that are based on the UAE needs. The initiative comes as a result of the growing demand for UAE national human resources specialized in the telecom sector and related fields. The Betha program has dedicated hundreds of scholarships for bachelor and masters degrees, and so far enabled hundreds of Emirati students to study in the UAE, USA, Australia and Japan. The Fund is aiming to support 1,000 students within the Betha program in the coming few years. The Betha program is part of ICT fund the strategy for promoting human resources specialized in telecommunication and information technology, including computer engineering, electronic engineering and computer science.

Accordingly, TDRA through «Beth’a» program signed a cooperation agreement with educational institutions to take over the task of selecting, overseeing, and follow-up the students during the study period and set the conditions to apply for the program


Innovation Center for the development of IOS applications at the Higher Colleges of Technology

The Fund has received a funding request for the project "Creating Innovation for the Development of iOS Applications” at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai," which is part of the UAE universities' approach to developing innovation curricula and programs. The center will be equipped with technical staff and infrastructure including computers and smart tablets, as well as servers and smart boards, and will include educational programs related to mobile applications studies.

The Center will improve the information and skills of HCT students in the development of applications for smartphones and programming, which will make Emirati young people one of the most important entrepreneurs in the field of application development in the UAE and around it. HCT will cooperate with various educational institutions and universities to allow national students from these institutions to use this center and provide facilities for higher education and research.

  • American University of Ras Al Khaimah laboratories
  • University of Dubai Lab