Research & Development

“Enabling practical and applicable innovation that delivers results”

Basic and applied research contributes in building a wealth of knowledge that enhances ICT advancement. As Knowledge capital is considered as a key driver to innovation that can give the UAE a leading edge in the global marketplace. ICT Fund provides grants to research and development projects in the UAE, in partnership with universities and research organizations, and actively supports the commercialization of applied R&D, leading to the establishment of start-ups in the ICT sector. The ICT Fund also invests in the setup of the physical infrastructure of applied R&D centers in academic, research institutions, and local companies. This will support basic research and applied R&D initiatives with the goal of developing new cutting-edge ICT products, product enhancements, and new services, all of which will benefit the economy of the UAE. The ICT Fund extends funds based on merit, notwithstanding any prior approvals, or the current level of funding recipients. Each project has its own parameters based on the scope of the project, and the funding is decided according to the proposal.

Note: Kindly note that the R&D requests are closed for this year. Follow-up our website for future updates.