The ICT Fund is aligning with multinational organizations in technology fields to set up incubators in the UAE.  These incubators will provide many opportunities to the UAE’s academic and industrial infrastructure opening the doors for UAE students and UAE owned companies to benefit from the resources that these incubators provide, and they will be able to turn their ideas into marketable products. The ICT Fund has a separate budget to support the incubation phase in order to enable the innovators to turn their idea into a marketable product. The development of any product or service that will carry the mark, “Made in the UAE” is eligible for funding. Incubators supported by the ICT Fund receive projects proposals and ideas from creative individuals who have the knowledge, innovative skills, and refined talents in the ICT sector. These incubators will transform these innovations from the intellectual world, to the tangible real world by converting those ideas into actual material products or services. The incubators will offer all types of assistance required by the incubated project in all technical, commercial, and financial aspects. In addition, they will develop the leadership skills of those projects’ owners to enable them go global. Eventually, incubators will be the ideal environment that will accelerate the process of developing projects, and allowing them to reach maturity and productivity. Supporting incubators and start-ups accelerates the successful development of ideas and concepts that can build the nation’s competitive edge in the global ICT market.  Incubators also provide a unique opportunity for students in related fields to work as interns to further their academic development as well as benefit the incubator in terms of human resources. Enabling incubation through funding provides a turnkey benefit for the community and delivers on the ICT Fund’s wider ambition to enhance the status of ICT in the country as well as internationally.

Note: Kindly note that the Incubation requests are closed for this year. Follow-up our website for future updates.