Educational Institutions

ICT Fund establishes relationships with educational institutions around the UAE to enable them to provide curricula and high quality courses in telecommunications and information field. ICT Fund also encourages academic research proposals from professor and student teams.

Criteria for educational institutions

  • Educational centre applicants must be a legal entity (university, research institute or company)
  • Must have majority UAE ownership of the institution
  • Maximum duration of funding is 5 years
  • Maximum share of funding is limited to 75% of budgeted expenses for academic and research institutions and 50% of budgeted expenses for companies

Evaluation criteria

  • Both public and private education institutions are eligible for funding, however only for ICT higher education
  • Candidates will be evaluated for technical expertise and commercial viability and on the extent to which their proposed initiative is likely to benefit the UAE ICT sector
  • Key factors for consideration are UAE representation, strong, committed third party support, official accreditation, technical capability, institute capacity and feasibility, commercial proposal completeness and correctness including proposed revenue and cost models, and alignment of commercial proposal with technical proposal

Please download the application form , fill it and attach it while submiting the funding application