• What is the vision and mission of the ICT Fund? View Close

    The ICT Fund is driven by a strong vision to make the ICT sector the leading sector in the Middle East through enabling and fostering progressive innovation in the field. At ICT Fund, we believe that a global leadership position for the UAE ICT sector can be attained by investing in innovative ideas that contribute to the intellectual growth of the sector, yielding measurable results.

    The Fund’s mission is to provide targeted funding and advisory services to companies and individuals, empowering them to develop the innovation and knowledge capital of the UAE ICT sector with their research, education and entrepreneurship.

    Who can take advantage of the Fund's offerings? View Close

    The ICT Fund is available to all individuals and entities who feel that the success of their initiative will directly benefit the UAE ICT sector.

    How will the funding be structured? View Close

    The ICT Fund has a flexible approach toward structuring its financing, tailoring solutions to meet individual project needs. The nature of each project dictates whether funding is structured as a grant or equity.

    Whom should I contact for more details? View Close

    Please feel free to contact us via phone, post or email. Alternatively, feel free to visit our offices with your proposal, where we would be happy to discuss your ideas with you directly.

    How much time will it take to process my application? View Close

    The speed with which applications are processed is contingent upon the completeness of the application and the nature of evaluation required. The maximum duration for the decision making process is 12 weeks, however applicants can expect a preliminary response within two weeks of application submission.