Vision & Mission


CEO’s Message

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has already illustrated to the world the enormous successes it has achieved within a short time-frame. Having emerged as an integral international hub, the UAE already has a strong position on the global stage. In order to keep this international presence, the UAE has the responsibility of creating long-term sustainability through economic diversification to ensure the security and stability for its community both now and in the future. One of the ways the UAE can maintain momentum economically is through investing in lucrative industries and engaging our nation’s youth to pursue competitive levels of education, encouraging these young minds to channel their creative thinking into real-world applications and to continually seek excellence in all of their endeavors. The information and communication technology (ICT) sector is among these promising industries in turn receiving significant attention from the UAE’s leadership, due to its influence all aspects of our contemporary life. The ICT industry is a sector that can thrive from knowledge centrism. For a country whose mission is to diversify its economy away from oil, knowledge capital is an important and lucrative investment with staying power. Our long-term agenda can be fulfilled through knowledge-intensive pursuits. Our work to this end, using the ICT Fund as a mean, is a testament to our commitment to serve our nation’s community with a long-term and enduring benefit.

ICT Fund's Mission in Building a Knowledge Based Economy

  • Vision     Vision

    Our vision is to achieve a global leadership position for the UAE ICT sector by fostering and developing innovation and creativity.

  • Mission     Mission

    Our mission is to provide funding and advisory services to companies, organizations and individuals who can strengthen the innovation and knowledge capital level of the UAE ICT sector with their research, education, and entrepreneurial activities.

  • Strategy     Strategy

    To achieve a long-term sustainable, prosperous and productive lifestyle for the UAE’s next generations.

  • Values     Values

    To achieve a long-term sustainable, prosperous and productive lifestyle for the UAE’s next generations.

    • Values People: We realize that strong cohesive teamwork, loyalty, and respect for one another can encourage extraordinary outcomes. We also know that support for our local community is essential to meet our objectives.
    • Excellence: We believe that competitive innovation will not only strengthen the ICT sector, but will also infiltrate other sectors that use the technology enabling them to better their services.  Innovation empowers everyone to be at their best.
    • Responsibility: As concerned citizens of the UAE, we take pride in upholding our responsibility to our country as well as to our fellow citizens and residents.
    • Nation: Our dedication to creating an ICT value chain is in support of our country and its wise, forward-thinking leaders.
    • Transparency: Our commitment to transparency stems from our belief that it solidifies our reputation in the market; a clear understanding of how we operate will build confidence in applicants that we are a trusted and reliable source for funding.
    • Ethical Practice: We carry out fair and equal evaluation on all applicants.