Press Release

TDRA launches its virtual summer camp

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) announced the launch of the 7th edition of the summer camp, organized virtually by TDRA, with the participation of more than 3000 citizen and resident students in UAE. The camp, which runs until 19 August, aims to qualify young human cadres in the country and develop their ICT and AI capabilities, in line with UAE’s trends and visions.

For the second consecutive year, the camp has been held virtually, complementing last year’s successful experience, in compliance with the coronavirus precautionary measures in UAE to maintain the safety of students participating in the camp.

Commenting on the camp, Eng. Majid Almadhloum, Director of CoDI at TDRA, said: "This year's camp reflects UAE’s efforts to develop and qualify youth to be able to deal with tomorrow's technologies and harness them in the service of UAE. This year is characterized by the wide multinational participation of UAE community members, where more than 3000 students gathered in an environment of modern technologies, possessing an overwhelming desire to explore such technologies and employ them in building innovative projects aimed at supporting UAE’s development movement and civilized renaissance. Through organizing such camp, TDRA seeks to turn student homes into real scientific labs, so as students can get acquainted with AI technologies and gain hands-on experience to help them choose their disciplines in the future.”

Mr. Almadhloum remarked that TDRA's keenness to set up the camp confirms its commitment to the innovation approach adopted by the UAE. He added: “The TDRA Virtual Camp reflects a vital model for applying innovation in solving the problems and crises facing us. By participating in this camp, our children will learn how to use technology to find practical solutions to different problems, and use different electronic modules to design new and innovative technical projects.” They will also get to know about programming language basics, time management skills, work plan development, communication with colleagues, knowledge transfer and learning from the experiences of others.”

During the camp, participants will build tech projects, utilizing digital training materials provided by TDRA and delivered to students at home in collaboration with Noon. TDRA will provide technical support to students through a training staff available on the project's social media platform to help them finish their tasks and build their first projects during the summer to be submitted by the end of the second week of the camp. Best projects will be announced at the end of the camp, with TDRA gifting valuable prizes for winners.

The 7th edition of the camp is a continuation of successes from past sessions. It is also a reflection of TDRA’s commitment to social responsibility towards Emirati community students by equipping them with the necessary skills relevant to smart cities; safe use of technology and social media; design and arts; creativity and shaping the future; building constructive skills, and other activities.