Press Release

TDRA concludes its virtual summer camp

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatoryt Authority (TDRA) has concluded the 7th round of its virtual summer camp. The camp received more than 3000 students from citizens and other nationalities. TDRA has organized a closing event attended by H.E. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Acting Deputy Director General of Digital Government, TDRA employees, students and their parents.

The closing ceremony witnessed announcement of the students winning in the general course and advanced course.

More than 3000 students of 33 nationalities have participated in the camp. Females reached 44% of the total participants. Students has provided more than 5000 projects and contributions.

In his speech at the closing ceremony, H.E. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Acting Deputy Director General of Digital Government, emphasized that the camp has become a reference for information about the role of young people in developing ideas and innovative solutions for the benefit of the society. He stated: "The camp idea was evolved from the fact that we live in a special age, where innovative thinking is a global communication language. That thinking is not limited to school, university or geographic borders. Hence TDRA’s virtual summer camp is aimed to be a comprehensive and regular event, where we meet to renew our trust in the real future shapers, our children, who live in an open world full of ideas, technologies and global trends.”

He added: “This round of TDRA’s virtual camp was distinguished in every sense of the word. For the first time, the camp increase the number of participants and received students from 33 nationalities, while it was limited to citizens. After the camp became known regionally and globally, we started to receive requests from outside the UAE. Because we believe that knowledge is a right for everyone, we changed the camp regulatory system and allowed participation from outside the country. Therefore, our virtual camp is one of many projects that started locally, then soon became global. On this occasion, I would like to thank and appreciate our partners in this ambitious social project. I extend a special thanking to parents, who played an essential role to achieve this wonderful success.”

The closing ceremony agenda included announcement of winners in the general course and advanced course (Top6). The student explained their projects. Winners of the advanced course (Bottom 6). TDRA has honored parents for their great efforts to help their children and achieve success of the camp.

The camp is held virtually for the second year in a row, to complement the successful experience witnessed last year, in compliance with the precautionary measures to protect participating students from COVID-19.

This round is a continuation of the successes achieved by TDRA in previous camps, and an example of its commitment to its social responsibilities towards students in the UAE society. It provided them with the necessary skills related to smart city, safe use of technology, social communication, innovative design, creativity, future shaping and other activities.