Press Release

TRA Organizes the Virtual Forum “The ICT Sector and its Impact on Future Foresight Post-COVID-19”

Addressing key ICT issues

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), affirmed that the UAE success in the current crisis came as a result of plans and strategies developed by the UAE and implemented by various government entities during the past years, which made business continuity possible at a time most sectors were affected in many countries, and the world was almost paralyzed.

The above was mentioned by H.E. Al Mansoori in his opening speech of the virtual forum “The ICT Sector and its Impact on Future Foresight Post-COVID-19”, held by TRA and attended by a number of senior officials from various UAE federal and local entities. The forum discussed a number of important topics such as remote work, the future of telecom and big data, and future studies and research.

Al Mansoori indicated that future foresight in the UAE began the moment the union was established as the founding fathers foresaw the future of our country. He added: “Our union’s blessed history gave us an unforgettable lesson in this regard, in the stories of the founding leaders, in the forefront of which is Sheikh Zayed. Their ambitious projects and programs at the beginning of the seventies of the last century were the key to what we have achieved today. Our founding fathers foresaw the future and worked to achieve the happiness of their people through the union.”

His Excellency stressed that future foresight is not limited to a specific sector, but rather affects all fields. He said: “Today more than ever, we need future foresight in applying methods of management, finance, media, technology, education, health, tourism, economy, and other fields. We need human cadres supported with the skills of tomorrow, and we want an economy that is based on ideas rather than material resources.”

Eng. Ahmad Al Shamsi- Head of the Future Foresight Team at TRA said that the ICT Future Foresight Forum is a reflection of the UAE's efforts in the field of future foresight, aimed at opening fruitful dialogues on anticipating future opportunities, trends, challenges and repercussions, analyzing their implications, developing innovative solutions, and providing alternatives.

The first session of the forum discussed remote work, where the speakers reviewed the UAE’s success in preparing for the needs of remote work, and the extent to which expectations matched the events witnessed by the world. The session also discussed the future of remote work and the ability of countries to adopt this method after the end of the crisis.

In a session entitled "The Future of Telecom and Big Data", the speakers discussed the pivotal role that the telecommunications sector played in accommodating the requirements of the past stage and maintaining the progress of work in various sectors. The speakers also discussed the impact of the past months on future global trends in the telecommunications sector and big data.

During the forum, Ahlam Al Feel, Director of the Corporate Communication Department at TRA, gave a presentation entitled (Living the future of Media – hands-on experience), in which she reviewed the great developments taking place in the media sector based on TRA’s experience.

The forum concluded with a session entitled "Future Studies and Research" that addressed a number of reports and studies issued by several organizations, institutes and expert houses about the world future after COVID-19 with a focus on education in the digital age, and the role of the telecommunications sector in empowering and reviving the economy, and as an essential enabler of many global trends.