Cyber Blackmailing

Be careful! You can be the next victim!!

Technical and scientific advancements in the field of Telecommunication and Information Technology, internet networks, and social media channels created a complicated pattern of crimes that cannot be detected easily. This kind of crimes is raising the concerns of the local and international communities. So, it was imperative to raise awareness of the methods that cyber criminals use when targeting their victims. It is also necessary to address these acts by holding cybercriminals legally accountable and applying the appropriate punishment for such a crime.   

Campaign Overview

Targeting people through social media channels and smart phone application. Then, enticing them to appear in an inappropriate manner. After that, criminals take photos and videos of the victims and start blackmailing them.


Campaign Goals

Protecting victims from blackmailing by chasing all criminals in all parts of the world no matter how long it will take , in addition to issuing requests to the Interpol to hunt these criminals wherever they are. Moreover, (UAE law on fighting cybercrimes No.5 for year 2012) is dissuasive enough to eliminate committing such crimes.

How can you prevent yourself from Cyber Blackmailing?

    • Do not give in to cyber blackmailing
    • Don’t accept friendship requests from people you don’t know
    • Don’t send any money to anyone under any threat
    • Be aware of dating sites and applications, as they mark the hub for hunting victims

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