SIM Card Point of Sale

In accordance with the Telecommunications Law (Federal Law No. 3 of 2003 as amended), the Registration of Mobile SIM cards Point of Sale Policy, and hereunder the TDRA Board Resolution No. 44 of 2009, the sale of SIM cards and/or provision of Telecommunications services (regardless of whether such services will be provided as an online service) is considered a regulated activity and can only be conducted by a UAE Licensee or a – by a licensee - duly authorized agent.

As a result, selling domestic or foreign SIM cards without following the due process amounts to an unlawful activity in the UAE.

TRA establishes and manages the register of mobile SIM Points of Sale. This policy applies to any economic establishment that sells or intends to start selling mobile SIM cards in the country. Licensees PoS are excluded from this policy.

The PoS registration certificate issued by TDRA and the trade license issued by the economic licensing authorities are the main requirements for registration as an authorized PoS with the licensees.