Business Continuity Forum for the Telecom Sector

About the Forum

The “Telecom Business Continuity Forum” supports TRA’s plans and policies for business continuity in emergencies and crises, as the telecom sector is vital for various activities and fields such as economy, education, health, security and defense. Therefore, we can say that sustainability of these sectors is necessarily derived from the sustainability of the ICT sector. Hence, the exceptional importance of this forum, which its first edition was launched in 2011 as part of TDRA efforts to enhance the concepts and culture of sustainability and business continuity in this sector.

The Forum Objectives
  • Enhance the continuity of the ICT sector in the UAE
  • Review the best national/international practices in business continuity management
  • Allow licensees and concerned entities in the ICT field to share their visions and experiences to serve the public interest in the field of managing ICT business continuity in the country.

Excerpts for forum images



Towards a Smart, Flexible and Continuous Telecom Sector
WorksheetTitlePresented bySpeakerPresentations
1 Smart Business Continuity Management TRA Khadija Al Hammadi Download File
2 The smart system “Emergency Mass Notification System” in smart cities OnSolve Falastine Ahmad Download File
3 Flexibility Strategy Du Sultan Al Hammoudi Download File
4 Perspective of preparedness and development of crisis preparation Etisalat Khaled Al Saloomi Download File


Global and National Competitiveness for Telecom Business Continuity
WorksheetTitlePresented bySpeakerPresentations
1 Continuous ICT Sector and integrated infrastructure TRA Abdulrahman Al Naser Download File
2 Flexibility and Continuity “framework and implementation approaches” Estmrarya Academy Ahmed Riad Download File
3 The importance of ICT business continuity in a response system’ Du Said Abdallah Download File
4 Flexibility in the smart city Ernst & Young Raddad Ayoub Download File
5 Telecommunications Industry in Promoting the ability to face disasters Essnet Magdy Hanna Download File