FAQs for new domain name applicants

  • Who is eligible for a .ae domain? View Close

    The eligibility requirements are posted on the policy page on Domain Name Eligibility Policy

    What are the names that I cannot register? View Close

    The .aeDA implemented a Reserved Names Policy. This policy will specify the domain names that cannot be registered, either for technical and administrative reasons or those which may not be registered in order to preserve the strong moral and cultural values of the UAE. The .aeDA will publish the domain names that cannot be registered for technical and administrative reasons. The .aeDA will not publish names that are reserved to preserve the cultural values of the UAE.

    What can I do if the domain I would like to have is already registered by someone else? View Close

    The .aeDA have a Domain Name Eligibility Policy which defines the eligibility criteria for .ae domain names. The .aeDA has a defined Complaints Handling Policy and a Dispute Resolution Policy. These are posted on the Policy Page. Domain names are registered on a first come first served basis.

    How can I report a Registrant displaying prohibited content on a .ae domain name website? View Close

    Please refer to TRA Policies regarding the issue 

    What is blacklisting? View Close

    Blacklisting has been implemented on WHOIS Searches, to aid in the prevention of 'data-mining'. Blacklisting occurs when a person makes too many .ae WHOIS Search enquiries Blacklisting means that a person is banned from using the .ae WHOIS Search service for a specified time period. The limit is 20 queries per hour from the same IP address. The ban will last for 24 hours.

    I want to know who is the current owner of a specific .ae domain or find out if the domain names is available, how can I do that? View Close

    You can check the status of an existing domain name, and find out whether a name are available for registration, by using the public aeDA WhoIs.

    How can I get a .ae domain now? View Close

    There are Accredited .aeDA Registrars, Registrants are able to choose where they purchase their .ae Domain name from. Registrars will offer a variety of services to Registrants such as web-hosting, website design, etc, and may offer these and other services at different prices. Registrars are required to clearly state the cost of the domain name, where they are offering a 'bundled' service.

    Note: Registrants should examine the various service offerings of each Registrar to ensure that you receive value for money.

    How .aeDA will benefit the internet community in the UAE? View Close

    The .ae Domain Administration (.aeDA) is the department formed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to oversee the management of the .ae domain name. The .aeDA established a new industry framework, consisting of a governance and administrative structure to increase the clarity of the roles within the industry, perpetuate growth of the namespace and promote competition by accrediting .ae Registrars.

    To support the growth of the .ae ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) the .aeDA made changes to the .ae namespace to increase its openness and accessibility while retaining the strong moral and cultural identity of the UAE.

    The main features of the new regime include:

    • world's best practice Registry System
    • new domain name policy
    • competitive domain name industry
    • improved consumer safeguards

    Is it possible for individuals or companies not located in UAE to register a .ae domain? View Close

    How long does it take to process a .ae domain name registration? View Close

    This will be dependant on the type of .ae domain name that you are registering, and your chosen Registrars systems, however, once the Registry has been updated, the information in our database is shared with the Internet's zone files worldwide.

    This sharing process is called 'propagation', because the new information about your domain spreads or propagates across the Internet. The zone files are propagated frequently, every day of the year. We cannot control the rate at which the millions of name servers on the Internet are updated, but generally, your domain should be available to Internet users across the globe within a very short period.

    Can I register a domain name before I have a website or a hosting service arranged? View Close

    Yes, you can register a domain name and then delegate your domain name to a specific computer.

    How can I check a domain name to see if it is available? View Close

    You can check the status of an existing domain name, and find out whether a name is available for registration, by using the public WhoIs service

    How do I get my own domain name and start using it? View Close

    To get your own domain name up and running, you will need to:

    1. Register your domain name through an .aeDA accredited Registrar or their Reseller.
    2. Arrange for your domain name to be "hosted". A hosting service provides a location (a server somewhere, connected to the internet) for your website. Your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP), other ISPs, or a "web hosting" service can host your domain name. Some Registrars and resellers also include hosting as part of their domain name service.
      Shop around for the service that best suits you. Your own domain name is 'portable', which means that your web site can reside on a server in the UAE, or you can move it overseas. The domain name system (DNS) files must be kept up-to-date with the current address, otherwise, when your customer types your web address into their browser, it won't be able to find your web site.
    3. Finally, create your web page and set up your email addresses. You can do this yourself, or your Registrar, Reseller, ISP, or someone else can handle it for you. 

    What is a registry, a registrar and a reseller? View Close

    The Registry holds the database of domain names and operates the computers that make domain names visible on the internet. The Registry does not have direct contact with Registrants.

    Registrars issue domain name licences to Registrants. They decide whether or not your domain name application meets the policy rules. Registrars have direct access to the Registry so that they can process new registrations and renewals, as well as update Registrant contact details in the database. Registrars in the .ae domain are accredited by .aeDA.

    Some Registrars use Resellers to provide customer sales and support. Resellers do not have direct access to the Registry, and must process registrations and renewals through their Registrar. Resellers are not accredited or licensed by .aeDA, they are appointed by the Registrar. 

    What kind of .ae domain name can I get? View Close

    The .ae domain is sub divided into a number of ‘levels’ or ‘zones’. Registration is as follows:

    • Registration is possible at the second level under .ae (for example,mybusiness.ae)
    • Registration is also possible at the third level (for example,mycompany.co.ae

    * For more information please click on the Domain name Eligibility Policy.

    What is a ccTLD, and what is .ae? View Close

    A country code Top Level Domain or ccTLDs are specific to individual countries around the world. Some examples of ccTLDs are '.ae' for the United Arab Emirates, and '.au' for Australia. A list of ccTLDs can be found at www.iana.org/root-whois   

    A generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is a top level domain name that is open to Registrants around the world. Domain names that end in .com,.net and .org are all gTLDs.

    If an internet address has .ae at the end of it, it's registered in the United Arab Emirates and a part of the .ae domain space, which is regulated by the .aeDA.

    What is a domain name? View Close

    A domain name is an addressing construct used for identifying and locating computers on the Internet. Domain names provide a system of easy-to-remember Internet addresses, which can be translated by the DNS into the numeric addresses (IP address) used by the network.

    A domain name like www.aeda.ae is easier to remember than the IP address

    The two most common uses are internet addresses where the domain name is prefixed by "www" (for example www.aeda.ae), and email addresses, where the domain name follows the '@' symbol (for example info@aeda.ae).

    Where can I apply for a domain name? View Close

    To apply for a domain name, choose your preferred Registrar and follow their application process. Some registrars provide services directly to the public, others may use Resellers. See the list of Accredited .aeDA Registrars

    What are the valid characters and valid lengths for domain names? View Close

    .ae domain Names Must:

    • Have minimum of 2 and a maximum of 63 characters;
    • Use English character set and may contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and dashes (-) or a    combination of these;
    • Neither begin nor end with a dash;
    • Not contain a dash in the third or fourth positions (www.ab- -cd.ae)
    • Not include a space.
    • Other conditions are outlined in the Domain Name Eligibility Policy which can be found on the Policy Page.