Our Story and Goals

Our Story

The Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) was established by Resolution 5/89 of 2008 issued by the Ministerial Council for Services. The team was established to improve practices of information security, and protect the IT infrastructure in the UAE from risks and violations, in conformity with the TDRA strategy that aims at supporting and ensuring a safer cyber space for the residents of the UAE.

  • Goals     


    • Enhance the cyber security law and assist in the creation of new laws.
    • Enhance information security awareness across the UAE.
    • Build national expertise in information security, incident management and computer forensics.
    • Provide a central trusted point of contact for cyber security incident reporting in the UAE.
    • Establish a national center to disseminate information about threats, vulnerabilities, and cyber security incidents.
    • Foster the establishment of and provide assistance to sector-based Computer Security Incidents Response Teams (CSIRTs).
    • Coordinate with domestic and international CSIRTs and related organizations.
    • Become an active member of recognized security organizations and forums.