Director General's Message





“The UAE Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) was established with the mandate of regulating the telecommunications and information sector in the UAE. It is responsible for ensuring an optimized world class IT environment in the country. The role of the TDRA is manifested in supporting the ICT sector in the UAE, maintaining competition, protecting the interests of participants, promoting the level of readiness for electronic transition, encouraging investments, enhancing innovation, development and education, as well as undertaking social responsibility through best global practices in managing, monitoring and supervising the sector. All these goals aim at accomplishing one of the most strategic principle objectives of the TDRA in creating and providing a safer cyber environment to all users in the UAE.

In accordance with the aforementioned goals and strategies, the TDRA launched several initiatives aiming at achieving its objectives, of which the Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) is one of the most important and prominent. The aeCERT was established by Resolution no. 5/89 of 2008 issued by the Ministerial Council for Services. The team was established to improve the standards and practices of information security, and protect the IT infrastructure in the UAE from risks and violations, in conformity with the TDRA strategy that aims at supporting and ensuring a safer cyber space for the residents of the UAE, both nationals and expatriates.

The aeCERT was established under the slogan: “Towards a safer cyber culture”. The importance of the team lies in the vital role it plays in spreading awareness among Internet users, both individuals and organizations, on various issues related to the security of cyber space. In addition, the educational role played by aeCERT is part of the national campaign for cyber security awareness, which is a principle component of the long term success of cyber awareness in the UAE and the region. This role will help in utilizing the innumerable benefits of the IT sector, while protecting internet users, both individuals and organizations, thus ensuring a promising future for the UAE in the ICT sector.

Cyber security awareness and education are two main elements in the country’s strategy and long-term vision of developing a safer ICT community, enabling individuals to use different technologies related to information and telecommunications, and at the same time monitoring and supervising major cyber safety issues that face businesses, individuals, students and all other categories which are inherently linked with the ICT.”